July 2014

Banking on Secure Data

Credit cards are central to commerce in the 21st century, making data security critically important. This issue of The Credit Line contains new polling on consumer attitudes towards data security and answers some of the questions raised about the recent data breaches that have made headlines.

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  • January 2015
    Credit Scores & Reports
    • Credit reports and scores are useful tools for consumers and lenders. Learn more about the importance of accurate information here.

  • December 2014
    Future Payments
    • Credit Card Companies are innovating convenient and secure ways to pay.

  • March 2014
    Prepaid Primer
    • Prepaid cards are a convenient financial tool growing in popularity. Learn how they work.

  • November 2013
    Changes in the Credit Card Marketplace
    • There have been important changes in the credit card marketplace recently. Find out more here.

  • June 2013
    Fueling the Economy
    • Credit cards bring in more sales and create efficiencies for businesses. See how credit cards make the economy hum.

  • April 2013
    Security + Safety
    • Issuers have invested billions to ensure customer data is secure. See what steps they’re taking to protect you.

  • March 2013
    Journey of the Payment Process
    • Want to know what happens when you make credit card purchase? We bring you the journey of the payment process.

  • February 2013
    Super Bowl Showcase
    • Like Super Bowl ads? We have them! Plus, we feature Visa’s Financial Football program and other financial literacy programs.

  • January 2013
    2013 Outlook
    • Want to know what the future holds for the payments industry? We have the inside line of what to expect in 2013 and beyond.

  • December 2012
    Reaping the Rewards
    • Research shows rewards cards aren’t just for the rich. Get tips so you can reap the rewards.

  • November 2012
    Committed to Satisfaction
    • Satisfaction with cards is up, but don’t take our word for it. JD Power and the CFPB weigh in.

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